10 free resources for children while staying at home

While COVID-19 has forced many of us to work from home, it’s also left our kids at home, away from school, daycare, and organized activities. Keeping them educated and entertained during this time can be challenging.

Thanks to the efforts of many people and organizations, there are a lot of resources and tools available to help your children learn – and have fun – while stuck at home. Here are 10 free resources you can offer your kids to not only fill their time, but also perhaps bring your family closer together.

  1. With ABCmouse, you’re able to tap into more than 850 lessons and more than 9,000 learning activities to bring award-winning curriculum to your young ones. With many subjects demonstrated in a variety of ways, such as games, books, songs, and puzzles, there’s a little bit of everything to keep kids entertained and engaged. Age group: toddlers through 2nd graders.
  2. Looking to keep your kids focused and educated while at home? Check out the Scholastic Teaching Tools, offering a number of articles and books to keep your loved ones preoccupied and learning during this time. Included is Scholastic’s Learn at Home, a 20-day learning journey for students who aren’t able to go to school right now. Age group: pre-K through 12.
  3. As adults, you may be familiar with TED Talks. The kid’s version is Ted-Ed, which offers educational videos on many different subjects to help children learn about important life lessons, events in history, and more. Check it out with them, and be there to answer any questions they may have. Age group: all.
  4. Teaching kids about money management, budgeting, and planning for their future is always important. On top of that, we are all feeling the impact of COVID-19 in one way or another, making planning, and getting through, the foreseeable future a common goal and challenge. If you’re looking for ways to educate your school-age children on money management and planning for the future, check out these 42 resources, full of articles, apps, games, outlines, and more. Age group: pre-K to high school.
  5. For a lot of us, music is an escape from reality, as well as an outlet we can turn to for getting through life’s most challenging moments and events. The pandemic is no exception. One resource for your younger kids is the Golden Acorn Music channel on YouTube, packed with music videos to keep your young ones smiling, laughing, and singing. Tapping into this tool can bring you and your kids closer together, while also enjoying some classic childhood tunes and life lessons in a fun way. Age group: 5 years and younger.
  6. While your kids are away from school, there are still many ways to help them with school subjects. There are a bevy of resources out there to do so, but how about one that has more than 50 millions fans? Enter Prodigy’s free virtual math platform. Here, younger students can explore and practice math in a fun, inspiring way. Check it out. Age group: ages 6 to 11.
  7. While your younger children may require more attention, your teenage kids also may need things to do. If they’re into art and expressing themselves creatively, check out Creativebug. With Creativebug, high school students can explore their creative and artistic side through a number of award-winning video classes. This could lead to a well-crafted hobby, or even a career. Age group: teenage.
  8. In case you are unfamiliar with, or never experienced, an escape room, they involve live-action games where teams use clues and intuition to solve puzzles and perform tasks in order to escape the room, typically in a given amount of time. Their popularity has continued to grow each year, from about 24 escape rooms in 2014 to more than 2,350 in August 2019, according to Room Escape Artist. Although escape rooms thrive in person, you can now experience one virtually. Check out this online resource to play a Harry Potter-theme escape room with your kids. Age group: school-age.
  9. When we think of kids having fun on vacation, nothing seems more appropriate than “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Yes, Disney World and Disneyland are, in fact, closed during this unprecedented time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rides virtually! With past riders capturing their experiences on video in real time, there are many YouTube videos offering a virtual experience. Check out this link to treat your kids to some of Disney’s most popular rides from the comfort of your home. Age group: all.
  10. Something your kids may be interested in is learning how to draw cartoons. One great resource for this is How To Toon, a channel featuring cartoon video lessons taught by expert Joe Wos. In the channel, students will be able to follow along at a pace that allows them to grow and draw with Joe. Age group: all.

Are your kids getting restless? Explore these free resources to help them learn and grow

Even though your kids may be stuck at home, away from school, there are still many ways they can learn and grow. While there are countless tools out there to pursue, check out these 10 (free!) resources to help them stay focused and educated during this difficult time. In the process, it may bring you and your family closer together.






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