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  • QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010 Feature the All-New Intuit App Center

    We’re very excited to announce that the Intuit App Center, a new feature of QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010, is now live. The all-new Intuit App Center provides QuickBooks customers with direct access to web-based business applications that help Small Business owners boost their bottom line and get connected to a wider array of powerful online services. The […]

  • Startups and the Cloud – Video 2 (of 5): State of cloud computing and the market opportunity

    In June Intuit hosted the "Startups and the Cloud" event bringing together industry experts and successful SaaS startups to discuss a range of issues startups must consider to build a successful business and get an idea to market as quickly as possible. Below is the second video (2 of 5): “State of cloud computing and […]

  • New IPP Data API: Intuit Data Services

    Last week the Intuit Partner Platform team released V2.0 of IPP which includes a number of enhancements to improve the overall Intuit Workplace customer experience and additional functionality to provide more access to QuickBooks data for IPP applications developers. New Data API – “Intuit Data Services” The Intuit Data Services API (IDS) is live and […]

  • 10 Great Things I Heard at the Startups and the Cloud event

    Last Thursday Intuit hosted an event titled Startups and the Cloud focused on the changing nature of starting and succeeding at building a technology business given all of the new tools and platforms that are available. I was honored to host such an awesome event with 200+ people packed into Bentley’s Adamian Hall. It was […]