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How to build a great app card

Your app card is your App’s sales page. You might have only one chance to impress potential customers, small business owners, and accountants, so it’s important to get it right from the start.

So what does it really take to market your app successfully and increase customer conversion? Taking into account the latest global app marketing features on QuickBooks Apps.com, we’ve summarized our app card marketing best practices here.

Localize your app card for each country: You are able to customize your app card marketing details for different countries. Hone your message and speak directly to different international audiences with targeted product taglines, demo video, descriptions, pricing plans, support info, FAQ, and app features/screenshots. You can submit a country-specific app card for each of the countries we support (currently: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India).

About Section

  • Demo video: Your demo video will appear front and center on the app card, occupying the most visible space on the app card. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by creating a high quality, professional video to provoke curiosity, encourage users to learn more about your app, and ultimately try-and-buy. In just a 30- to 60-second video, you can highlight your most compelling app features and benefits. Make sure you follow this URL format: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yourvideoID?rel=0 (adding?rel=0 stops display of related videos at the end).  Any other URL format will be rejected.
  • Product tagline: Include a short and catchy descriptive statement that sells your app. This is your first opportunity to market your app to potential customers, so make sure it is clear on what your app does. Some good examples: “The top-rated CRM built specifically for QuickBooks” or “Putting the power of business intelligence at your fingertips”.  A bad example: “Work Smarter, Live Better”.
  • Product description: Include a high level description of your app. Highlight the key benefits of your app and why customers need to use it. If your app targets a certain industry, speak to the needs of those target customers.
  • App features and screenshots:
    • List key app features with an accurate description of the benefit to the customer. Pair this with screenshots from your app.
    • List app features in the order of importance to the customer. Provide at least two features with screenshots; you can list as many as six app features and screenshots.
    • Give each feature a descriptive and catchy title to grab the potential customer’s attention. Here are a couple good examples: “Fast and painless PAYROLL”, “Stop entering data twice with Auto Sync”.  A few bad examples: “The dashboard”, “The time card page”, “PTO add screen”.
    • Because your app is integrated with QuickBooks Online, make sure one of the features describes the customer benefit of the QuickBooks Online integration.
    • Catch the attention of potential customers with eye-catching visuals. Provide clear and relevant screenshots to go with each feature.  We recommend a screenshot size of 640×400 so the display is optimized.

Here is a great example of a good app card product description:


Pricing Section

  • Pricing overview: Pricing is very important information for most customers. We strongly recommend you offer a free trial and list it here. The fewer hurdle customers have to go through, the more likely they will try and buy. Provide a succinct pricing overview that highlight information about the free trial, whether a credit card is required, starting pricing point, etc.  A good example of a pricing overview: “Free 30-day trial.  No credit card required.  Plans start at $20/month/use.”.  Do not include anything that is not relevant to pricing in this section, such as customer testimonials. 
  • Pricing plan: List all your pricing plans, from low to high. Provide all the specific details, including any restriction in each plan.

Here is a good example of app card pricing customized for United Kingdom customers:

Support Section

  • Support information: Include a description of your support program that tells customers what to expect from you if they have questions or problems.  It’s a good idea to include support email contact information and support hours. Here are two good examples:
    • Technical support is included with your subscription. To clarify, technical support is restricted to solving technical issues such as error messages, installation problems, inability to sign in, and concerns over possible system malfunction. Non-technical incidents, such as training, customization, and general how-to questions must be directed to your app consultant as a chargeable service. For self-service options, visit our App Forums, or Self-Service and Documentation.
    • Bill.com has a top-rated customer support team! Our live chat is open from 5 am to 6 pm PT on weekdays. If you’re new to the service or would like to learn more, give our sales team a call at 877-345-2455.”
    • Support phone number: Include the phone number your customers use to contact your support team.  Don’t forget to include country codes, because Apps.com is available in various countries.
    • FAQs: You can include up to four FAQs (“frequently asked questions”) for your app.  At least one is required.

Here is a good example of app card support:


Last but not the least, make sure you spell “QuickBooks Online” correctly, with uppercase “Q” and uppercase “B”, all as one work.  Any other spelling of QuickBooks Online will be cause your app card to be rejected.  Please also make sure that both the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Page are all linked to the correct content.

Always click the “Preview” button to review what your app card will look like and make necessary changes before you click the “Submit for review” button.  Go to Apps.com and check out Top Rated apps to get some more great ideas on app card.

Got questions? Leave them in the comments below or on our Forum here.





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