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  • Market your app with new app categories and tags

    Hello from the Intuit® Developer team! Many thanks for your continued support and partnership with us. At Intuit, we are always trying to ensure that our developers get the best experience for building integrations with the QuickBooks® ecosystem. We’re excited to announce that we are launching a new feature in the Developer portal to help […]

  • Why every company should be doing a Follow Me Home

    Imagine this: The year is 1983. You’re at the mall and just purchased this remarkable new household appliance known as the personal computer. It promises to do things that had previously been relegated to paper, pencil, or clumsy pocket calculators. One of the things these new personal computers excel at is calculations, and you hope […]

  • Review solicitation through Post Interaction Emails

    Review solicitation through Post Interaction Emails

    The role of reviews The role of customer reviews is a recurring theme that surfaces every time we talk to QuickBooks® users about considerations that are important when making app purchase decisions. Reviews provide customers with unbiased validation about an app from other users like themselves. This is, in fact, quite consistent with industry research […]

  • How to justify your social media ad budget to your boss

    Are you part of the marketing team at a startup app company? Perhaps you ARE the team. If so, today’s discussion on why you should budget for social media advertising (and how to justify it to your boss) is for you. Meeting your marketing objectives with social media advertising Using social media to get your […]

  • 5 inexpensive social media strategies to promote your app

    Building a useful solution that integrates with QuickBooks® Online, and reaching an audience of passionate, engaging users, are the top priorities for Intuit Developers. However, once you’ve built it, “will they come?” There are many ways to promote your app, and thanks to social media marketing, you can reach your prospective users without burning through […]

  • Successful app marketing techniques for the centennial generation

    As an app developer, you’re constantly striving to appeal to as many customers as possible, and while you’ve worked hard to capture the attention of millennials, Gen X, and even the boomers, it’s time to figure out how to market to the centennials. Also known as Gen Z, this group currently ranges from 8 to […]

  • Updating your app card: Appealing to remote workers

    Life has changed; due to our environment, more of us are working remotely than ever before. While this presents new challenges in juggling work and home life, one thing that remains constant is a business owner’s need to continue working on their books and remaining as efficiently as possible. Key to working remotely is collaboration […]

  • How to grow and retain customers by measuring your app’s Net Promoter Score

    Welcome to the second post in a two-part series about the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our first post explored what NPS is and why it matters to you as a business owner and app developer. In this post, we’ll look further into why it matters in the context of retaining and growing your customer base. […]

  • Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty for your app

    A few months ago, JP shared advice about measuring the success of your app integration. That was all about looking at rates of customer acquisition, tracking and analyzing clicks, and gathering feedback via reviews and support. But, it’s also important to measure the loyalty of your customers. Will your customers stay with you through the […]

  • From an accountant’s perspective: Why app developers need to understand who their ideal users are

    If you develop apps for accountants, then you know the first step in the development process is coming up with the idea. Or is there more to it? According to Megan Tarnow, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2002, a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP), and founder of Mobius Group—an accounting company for nonprofits—the first step […]