Successful app marketing techniques for the centennial generation

As an app developer, you’re constantly striving to appeal to as many customers as possible, and while you’ve worked hard to capture the attention of millennials, Gen X, and even the boomers, it’s time to figure out how to market to the centennials.

Also known as Gen Z, this group currently ranges from 8 to 23 years old – born between 1997 and 2012. By the end of 2020, centennials are estimated to represent nearly 40 percent of all consumers, while influencing around $4 billion in discretionary spending.

You may think that this generation is similar to millennials, but they’re actually quite different in many ways. Seeing what makes centennials tick, and understanding their psychographic needs, will go a long way in getting them on board to grow your app base and connect with them.

Show rather than tell

Unlike the previous generation, centennials won’t necessarily trust a well-established brand or a large following. They’re all about their individuality and a tailored personal experience.

So, rather than telling them how great your app is, you must show them. One way is to explore testimonials, but not in the traditional way where you put a quote on a website. Rather, put your loyal customers’ real voices and faces behind a video, and then spread it across your social media channels. Another strategy could be finding an influencer in this age range to represent your app and inspire others.

Choosing the right social media channels

It should come as no surprise that this younger generation is into social media – something that goes hand-in-hand with leveraging your app. This generation has some key differences when it comes to the social media they frequent and embrace.

Facebook is no longer the buzz. Centennials are really into Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Tailored experiences are the way to go, with each one of these social media channels offering unique opportunities and distinct strategies to explore.

With Instagram and Snapchat, it’s all about short, intriguing videos and images to embody what your app stands for and what it’s all about. This Reebok video is a great example of tapping into the kind of emotions and experiences that can capture the hearts of centennials.

YouTube is a powerful and extremely popular social media channel among centennials. Bringing in a famous or successful YouTube influencer or vlogger, such as Steve Wright, is one strategy this generation can get behind and be motivated by. For more inspiration, check out AppSpy’s channel, a place offering creative ways to tell an app’s story.

Always being there for them

Having grown up with technology, centennials require instant gratification and feedback. So, whenever they look to you for answers and solutions to their app questions, you must be present and act swiftly. Without this, they will lose trust in you, which won’t be good for your app.

Because personalized experiences and powerful connections mean so much to centennials, you and your team must provide this at every touch point – in the app, on social media, through customer service and in other ways.

Understanding and embracing social issues

Centennials represent an appreciative and cognizant group. They want to make sure that the apps and brands they are embracing display genuine care, understanding, and compassion for the sustainability of the environment and other social issues. If you appear to do so in an unconvincing or disingenuous way, they will be upset, turned off, and not interested in your app or brand.

Powering up your app through marketing techniques

Because of their influence, a large part of your app’s future success and development depends on catering to the centennial generation. While any marketing program won’t be without its challenges, executing these successful techniques will go a long way to capturing the attention and hearts of centennials.

When this generation is on board with your app, the sky’s the limit. But, you still must consistently prove to them your value in order to keep them on board. Doing so can turn them from a fan into a fanatic – which means big things for your app.






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