ServiceM8 and Intuit: Working together to help small businesses thrive

Guest Post by Kim Ford, CEO of ServiceM8

Social media, mobile technology and the cloud are fundamentally changing our lives. Their impact is also changing the way small business works, and the rise of apps and software ecosystems by Intuit and other companies is part of this new world.

So as a leading job-management software solution and app developer, we saw a partnership with Intuit and their QuickBooks Online (QBO) product as a great way to further help our customers, expand our global reach, and increase our social influence. 

QBO’s API package and integration process is one of the best we’ve experienced in creating our app, which helps field-service businesses manage estimates, scheduling, invoicing and more. 

The support, enthusiasm, drive and professionalism we’ve seen from the QBO team has been incredible. It’s been great working with people as passionate about small business as we are. 

As a result, we’re getting excellent feedback from users who have combined the power of ServiceM8 and QBO to streamline the management of their business. 

“A real partnership”

That collaboration didn’t stop once the integration was complete. QBO have been amazing in working together on joint projects and presenting us with exciting opportunities to better serve our customers. 

We share with Intuit a vision to help small business thrive. They work as hard for their customers as we do for ours. That’s how we know we made a great choice in teaming up with Intuit and developing for QuickBooks Online.

It’s a real partnership.

About ServiceM8

ServiceM8 (Service Mate) is a cloud-based software platform specifically designed to help small business thrive.  Using web and mobile apps, ServiceM8 simply and effectively manages all facets of service delivery, from a client’s first call through to estimating, scheduling, invoicing and payment. ServiceM8 is great for everyone in the business, especially mobile staff, but equally administration and management.  ServiceM8’s integration of cloud, mobility and social business provides a level playing field for small business like never before, giving a real competitive advantage.










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