Google Analytics for App Listing Tracking

We’ve recently revised the “Google Analytics and QuickBooks Apps Store tracking” developer guide with all the latest details. It is intended for app developers who are familiar with Google Analytics and want to use it to track user activities related to their QuickBooks App Store app listing. The tracked activities are centered around the discovery, trial, purchase, sign in, and account creation within QuickBooks App Store. Note that this tracking does not track user activity inside the developer’s app itself. If you want that kind of tracking, you must add it to the app itself.

Topics covered:

  • Setting up Google Analytics

In order to use Google Analytics with QuickBooks App Store, you need set up an account profile on the Google Analytics website.

  • Goals and reports

Goals are used to measure conversion activities on your website. A goal is a page view that indicates the visitor has completed some action that you are interested in, for example, filling out a subscription form. Reports are a peek into the traffic data on your website, filtered by criteria that you set up.

  • App card tracking parameters

Your QuickBooks App Store app listing automatically comes instrumented to track many actions that can be captured with Google Analytics event tracking reports. This section lists what you need to know to identify the funnels (wizards, workflows) and the progress that users make through them.

You can find this revised guide here.

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